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Dema Costruzioni set up shop in Colorina, Valtellina and after an initial phase of expansion, moved into a bigger facility in Caiolo. In time, Dema Costruzioni has grown its equipment base and production lines while keeping under control costs and supply chain. This has resulted into an efficient vertical integration that made Dema Costruzioni into a local reliable and professional leader.


Dema Costruzioni has an enthusiastic team and its activity is based upon solid shared values. Dema Costruzioni offers products and bespoke services of the utmost technical and design quality in compliance with the most advanced technical and quality standards


EN 1090 –  EXC3
This certificate attests that the products “steel structures” are subjected by the manufacturer to the factory production control.
Dema Costruzioni, from the design process to the execution of steel structures, apply all the provisions laid Annex ZA of the standard EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011.

Project streamlining can only be achieved through active engagement from the greenfield phase and by working closely with the project developers from day one. Every processing phase is strictly monitored: constant feedback on work- in-progress supplies relevant data for proper project execution and timeline compliance.

DC has been regularly growing its client base and size through the years thanks to the specific know-how acquired and its daily closeness to the production.

Dema is born out of an intuition on the strength of the group and an uncommon openness towards dialogue.Such features consented the Company to grow by attracting not only clients in need of a project coordinator at site level but also luring competitors who were seeking to contain their fixed costs. The Company keeps its emphasis on ethics as its solid strongest asset.

As safety requirements become more stringent, DEMA keeps a close eye onto compliance with international safety regulations and with the most advanced safety standards. When we design a product, safety comes first: for the peace of mind of our clients.

Dema is strongly active in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It sponsors various initiatives to support and upgrade local craftsmanship as well as numerous non profit entities and sporting teams related to the teenagers’ in the local community.We believe in the future and in the creativity of the youth. The average staff age is 32 and the investments carried out in these years put us in the position to look at a bright future and to present our credentials as a reactive and flexible company.

CNC High definition plasma cutting can be used to save time and ensure precision.  Dema’s combined plasma and drilling machine allows to combine high precision holes with perfect perimeter cutting by saving time and cost.

Dema Costruzioni’s core business is the supply and assembly of formworks and machinery for concrete casting, farmed out by leading multinationals in the building industry.

Dema Costruzioni partners with the leading gate manufacturers in order to deliver and install custom-made gates for automotive or pedestrian access as well as zinc and plastic fencings.

Subterranean or multistory parking garages represent one of the most functional solutions for city-planners.

Italians have a leading know-how in this production. Dema Costruzioni cooperates with the most important players working side-by-side with them on the actual national and international construction yard.

Dema dedicates itself to experiment new forms and concepts also in the interior design sector. The client itself becomes designer. It sees its own project materialize, its object acquiring form according to its creative input. With steel and iron, we give life to our clients’ creativity, we made them protagonists. In other cases, the clients may elect to use one of our young designers and it can choose the project on the basis of a mock-up.

Safety and ease of use represent a beacon for designers. In the relentless quest for the state-of-the-art, DEMA developed fire-proof LED-integrated railings. A railing with embedded sensor-activated LED offers the best visibility in case of smoke or poor lighting. The DEMA unique patented unlock system protects the cable from wear-and-tear and fire while the protection system hides the wiring. The result is a railing matching the highest safety standards and extremely pleasant for its design.


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