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Dema Costruzioni set up shop in Colorina, Valtellina and after an initial phase of expansion, moved into a bigger facility in Caiolo. In time, Dema Costruzioni has grown its equipment base and production lines while keeping under control costs and supply chain. This has resulted into an efficient vertical integration that made Dema Costruzioni into a local reliable and professional leader.


Dema Costruzioni has an enthusiastic team and its activity is based upon solid shared values. Dema Costruzioni offers products and bespoke services of the utmost technical and design quality in compliance with the most advanced technical and quality standards. The Company keeps upping the ante, whether in the consolidation of its international expansion and the enlargement of its already satisfactory suppliers’ base or in the quest for new partnerships aimed to upgrade its product and service line.

Our Management believes passion and competence are the propellant to conquer new markets under a constant increment of technological development and innovation.

In every new project we see a challenge and a opportunity to better our products and the quality of the services we provide. Thus, we take pride in offering always the optimal solution which allows for customer satisfaction and the achievement of our corporate objectives.

Dema Costruzioni is a firm believer in ethics, a guideline we follow to ensure our values deliver sustainable results when it comes to cooperating with others, investing on personnel training or on professional equipment and in the overall achievement of meaningful corporate returns.


Dema Costruzioni’s team consists of young, highly qualified and strongly motivated technicians and managers attuned to the achievement of its corporate objectives.

Highly trained, experienced and innovation-oriented, our team members are the backbone of Dema Costruzioni and allow the Company to meet client demand effectively and efficiently. Our key Department is the Project Management Department, staffed with engineers and technicians

responsible for the various phases of each project ranging from project layout and overall planning to execution, be it delivered at manufacturing level, at plant supervision or at on-site construction.

Our workers and welders are WPS-licensed professionals, OMECO-certified according to UNI EN ISO 15614-14 and UNI EN 287-1. Dema considers it paramount to hone the skills of its workers and managers through constant training and supervision.


EN 1090 –  EXC3

CE Certificate of Factory Production Control No. 0398 / CPR / MP / 15,041.

This certificate attests that the products “steel structures” are subjected by the manufacturer to the factory production control.
Dema Costruzioni, from the design process to the execution of steel structures, apply all the provisions laid Annex ZA of the standard EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011.


Our carpenters are licensed as Qualified Welders according to UNI EN 287-1:2007


Directive on construction products
UNI EN 13241 -1 Norm


Qualification for operators of non destructive tests according to UNI EN 473 and ISO 9712 last edition norms, in the method “passing-through liquids” for the sector “pre-op test and op test for equipment, machinery and structures”

ISO 3834-2:2006

Dema Costruzioni follows the management system for the quality required by ISO 3834 for the construction of welded steel structures

ISO 9001:2015

Dema Costruzioni follows the quality management model dictated by the ISO 9001: 2008 for its design and production activities.


CP Technology is a leading provider in the steel machinery for infrastructural engineering and in prefabricated manufacturing. The Company engages in sales and leasing of tunneling formworks, formworks for precast, blocks construction, launching gauntries and other special machinery and equipment for metal carpentry.

Established 1958, Della Cagnoletta makes quality a cornerstone of its development. The relentless pursuit of excellence in staffing and management requirements and equipment effectivenss brought the Company to win a growing client base through the decades and a name for its professionalism. Experience coupled to the technical and human resources of the Company allow effective cooperation with its clients starting from a blank sheet of paper to the final products made of aluminium, stainless steel, copper, galvanized sheet and iron.


Dema is strongly active in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

It sponsors various initiatives to support and upgrade local craftsmanship as well as numerous non profit entities and sporting teams related to the teenagers’ in the local community.
We believe in the future and in the creativity of the youth. The average staff age is 32 and the investments carried out in these years put us in the position to look at a bright future and to present our credentials as a reactive and flexible company.

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