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Italians have a leading know-how in this production. Dema Costruzioni cooperates with the most important players working side-by-side with them on the actual national and international construction yard.

Explosion-Proof Gates for Hydrogen Plants

The new technologies call for new products and technical solutions. In 2011, the first hydrogen plant in Italy started construction. Dema Costruzioni was chosen for its reliability and know-how as supplier for special carpentry design, works and installation on items such as the explosion-proof gates.

Infrastructure Line

The clients growing demand to finish production at the construction site brought Dema to develop insulation solutions for casting plants and pools as well as hoppers for shredding equipment. Plant insulation is paramount for the material preservation. Inert materials and additives are thus protected from severe weather conditions with the insulation systems produced by Dema. Dema won important contracts thanks to its warranty on extreme weather and its capability of “dressing” the clients plants with the most adequate insulation structure. Dema’s hoppers for inert materials are a fundamental step in the processing line of concrete. The hoppers’ cuts and joints, the positioning of the vibrators and of the humidity probes are fundamental parameters to ensure the reliability our clients need.

Understructures for solar plants

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