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Subterranean or multistory parking garages represent one of the most functional solutions for city-planners:

Folding grilles for emergency exits

Folding grilles for emergency exits in the subterranean parking garages represent a necessary solution to allow emergency evacuation of the garage users. The devices can be mechanically or hydraulically operated. Typically, mechanical solutions are preferred as for their ease of maintenance. These systems operate on a cantilever basis. Regardless of the technology chosen, our know-how and experience accumulated “on the field” represent the best guarantee in terms of safety and quality standards compliance to meet the unexpected in case of an emergency.

Single-Door Folding Grille

The single-door folding grilles can be opened on either sides (long or short) depending on blueprint requirements and they are the most typical solution for single ramp stairways (width: mt 1.2) and complete last ramp.

Two-Door Folding Grille

The two-door folding grilles are best used on emergency exits on double ramp stairways (width: mt 2.4) or whenever the last landing is less than 2.4 mt from street level. Italians have a leading know-how in this production. Dema Costruzioni cooperates with the most important players working side-by-side with them on the actual national and international construction yard.

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