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Thanks to its distinctive competence and years of accumulated track record, DEMA Costruzioni can ensure operating and management performance oriented to engineering- and construction problem-solving.


Project streamlining can only be achieved through active engagement from the greenfield phase and by working closely with the project developers from day one.

Every processing phase is strictly monitored: constant feedback on work- in-progress supplies relevant data for proper project execution and timeline compliance.

DEMA shares its know-how with engineers at design and execution level, thinking that correct project execution is a result of teamwork – from works supervision to the final client – through engineers, carpenters and assemblers.


DC has been regularly growing its client base and size through the years thanks to the specific know-how acquired and its daily closeness to the production.


Dema is born out of an intuition on the strength of the group and an uncommon openness towards dialogue.

Such features consented the Company to grow by attracting not only clients in need of a project coordinator at site level but also luring competitors who were seeking to contain their fixed costs. The Company keeps its emphasis on ethics as its solid strongest asset.


As safety requirements become more stringent, DEMA keeps a close eye onto compliance with international safety regulations and with the most advanced safety standards. When we design a product, safety comes first: for the peace of mind of our clients.
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