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Dema dedicates itself to experiment new forms and concepts also in the interior design sector. The client itself becomes designer. It sees its own project materialize, its object acquiring form according to its creative input.

With steel and iron, we give life to our clients’ creativity, we made them protagonists. In other cases, the clients may elect to use one of our young designers and it can choose the project on the basis of a mock-up.


The stairway across its infinite declinations: hidden or protagonist, wood, steel, glass, stainless steel, thousands of solutions and materials.
Dema guides its client in the definition of the details, materials and solutions which can satisfy its functional need and deliver an elegant item. The use of precious and technologically advanced materials permit to match elegance and lightweightness and enhance the environmental brightness.
Stairway customization allows to make each stairway the unique reflection of its owner.


Space is a basic need in housing. Dens can increase living space and steel its the natural material for them. The lightness and durability coupled to the reasonable thickness of its profiles make steel the most used material for dens. Steel allows for extended spans and solutions unavailable when using traditional concrete or wood. Our engineers deploy their best to match safety compliance and design. Furthermore, we can introduce you to the best consultants to file building permits for these solutions. In our section devoted to the Regulations, you can find answers to your most frequent questions. Dens on pillars or hanging dens.. beams embedded in the walls or visible joints, glass or wooden floors, the choice is Yours.


Railings: functional element or furniture? Both. This is our mission, make the railing invisible or part of the house decor. Iroko wood, Glass, Stainless Steel: every material we use enhance the beauty of your interiors and adds safety.


Elevators: emotional corridors where the vertical movement indicates an ascent towards more prestigious floors. We interpret our clients’ need at their best to deliver safety and design.

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